Community Shares refers to the sale of shares in enterprises serving a community purpose. This type of investment has been used to finance shops, pubs, community buildings, renewable energy initiatives, local food schemes, along with a host of other community based ventures. Click an option below or jump to find out more.

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29th June 2015

A new quality mark is launched today by the Community Shares Unit, as new data reveals the rapid growth in the number of communities who are pooling resources to buy and run local assets together. An accompanying report, ‘Inside the Market’, published by the Community Shares Unit, finds that the number of people who have invested in ‘community share’ schemes – where local people invest...

Microgenius is a dedicated web platform for community share offers run by the Community Shares Unit. For supporters, it allows you to buy shares in community-based projects easily and safely. For communities, it is a website you can use to run your share offer securely and painlessly, without the paperwork.
Number of registrations this year 25
Number of share offers this year 40
Amount of equity targeted this year
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