Understanding a Maturing Community Shares Market is the most authoritative piece of research on the community shares market to date.

Less than 10 years ago, community shares were almost unheard of. Yet since 2012, £155 million has been raised by 104,203 people supporting more than 440 vital businesses – an impressive 92% of which are still trading.

Today we publish new research which demonstrates the significant impact that community shares has had on businesses and communities across the UK. Understanding a maturing community shares market is the most comprehensive report ever published on the community shares sector – funded by Power to Change and Community Shares Scotland.

The report finds:

  • Since 2012, £155m has been raised by 104,203 people to support more than 440 businesses.
  • 92% of businesses that have raised finance with community shares are still trading.
  • 85% of businesses say that running a share offer has had a positive impact on financial performance.
  • 80% of people invest in community share offers because of the wider social or environmental benefits of the organisation – less than 20% stated the prospect of financial returns as a reason for investing.
  • For every £1 invested in community shares, an additional £1.18 is leveraged through grants, loans and institutional investment.

Help raise awareness of community shares:

What are community shares?

Community shares is a flexible and effective way to raise finance – benefiting businesses, investors and the wider community. An innovative, accessible investment model, community shares has become a popular approach to raising  finance. It is unique to co-operative and community benefit societies – businesses owned and run by local communities across the UK.