Crowdfunding platforms

20th March 2017

The CSU is aware of the following crowdfunding platforms that are being used to adminster community share offers. While the CSU does not have any formal relationship with platforms nor does it provide any recommendations, it has engaged with the following to make them aware of the Standard Mark: 

  • Crowdfunder will support any community share offer with the Standard Mark. All community share offer projects will receive their full service (currently priced at 5%), which includes:
    •  One on One Crowdfunding Coaching from their team of experts
    • Promotion of the project on the Crowdfunder Platform
    • Full customers service for all their backers
    • Targeted promotion to the Crowdfunder Community where relevant and access to match funding where available
  • Ethex: Businesses listing on Ethex are expected to meet high standards of governance and performance. The Community Shares Standard Mark will help societies demonstrate their eligibility to list on the platform. Ethex charges a set up fee plus 1.5% of total raise. Since setting up in 2013, Ethex has raised over £40 million for 40 social businesses, charities and community organisations. Ethex provides businesses with a full listing and receiving agent service including:
    • Detailed on-line profile of product and business
    • Safe and secure segregated client account
    • Promotion of products to Ethex investors through all media channels
    • Easy to use online ordering system
    • Dedicated customer team to answer to client queries
    • Regular reporting and data analysis of investments to inform marketing strategies
    • Access to match funding where available
    • Full reconciliation of all orders to with a comprehensive share or bond allocation list