A library of resources for anyone who would like to find out more about community shares. From introductory guides to market reports, find the info you need here.

19th December 2016

Community Shares Unit and Ethex teamed up to deliver an event in Manchester on 15 November 2016 called 'How to make the most of community shares'.

14th November 2016

This guide is a practical tool for users of the Community Shares Open Dataset.

14th November 2016

Investing in community shares is a simple, direct and engaging way of supporting businesses that serve your community.

22nd September 2016

If you missed the application support webinar on 21 Sept 2016, you can still see the slides.

12th September 2016

Use this application form to apply for Round 3 of the Booster Programme. Please ensure that you read the Guidance Notes before completing this form

7th September 2016

Frequently asked questions for the Community Shares Booster Programme. 

26th August 2016

Download the application form below to take part in the next training and licensing programme to become a fully licensed community shares practitio

1st April 2016

This is the Second Report of a formative evaluation by Rocket Science of the Community Shares Scotland [CSS] programme, which is funded by the Big

1st January 2015

To support the work of the wider Community Shares Unit Steering Group in determining the strategic direction of the CSU, a series of key strategic

14th March 2016

The CSU's final response to the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) call for input on the regulatory barriers for social investment.