Big Society Capital showcases the growth of community shares and explores options for social investment

2nd Sep 2015

Big Society Capital (BSC), the socially driven independent financial institution, has highlighted the impressive growth of community shares issued by co-operatives and community benefit organisations.

This growth has been fuelled by investment by individual members of the community who are often first-time investors. These people are each contributing fairly modest amounts to support local community enterprises, most often investing between £101 and £500. It is also evident that many people are keen to invest, with over £20m recorded as being raised in 2014. Community shares schemes are clearly showing that raising funds from individual community investors is appropriate for many community projects.

Now BSC would like to hear from charities and social enterprises about how they are planning to raise capital and their experiences so far in seeking to raise larger sums than what is generally witnessed in the community shares market - between £3m and £20m. Their survey seeks to understand the issues surrounding different investment requirements and barriers that may be impeding this approach. This research aims to clearly identify these topics so that the social investment market, including the use of community shares, can be strengthened and facilitated to grow even more successfully.

For more information and to access the survey, please visit: