CSU to launch Community Shares Mark at FC United

28th Apr 2015

The Community Shares Unit (CSU) is to launch the new Community Shares Standard Mark on 30th June 2015 at FC United’s new ground at Broadhurst Park, Moston, Manchester. Register for free now

We hope you can join us celebrate the introduction of a voluntary standard for community share offers, as more and more community uses this form of finance to raise the capital they need to start-up and grow.

This event will be a valuable opportunity for community enterprises, practitioners and supporters to find out how the Standard Mark will work and how you can get involved. It will also be a chance to find out how this work is linking into wider support for community enterprise and social investment, with speakers from across the sector.

You will also be able to see the impact of community shares first-hand, with tours around FC United’s new stadium throughout the day.

Register for free now.