Join our next practitioner training programme and become licensed to award the Standard Mark. This Training Programme is now underway.

20th Mar 2017

We are delighted to announce our next Practitioner Training Programme - our dedicated community shares training course which supports emerging practitioners to become licensed to award the Standard Mark.

Our sixth training programme is being held in conjunction with our colleagues at Community Shares Wales. The course itself involves five workshops, applying your learning to your client group which is planning to make a community share offer. The dates for this round are as follows: 

  • Workshop 1 (Introduction) - 16th May in Cardiff (venue tbc)
  • Workshop 2 (Community Engagement) - 14th June in Cardiff (venue tbc)
  • Workshop 3 (Business Model) - 19th July in Cardiff
  • Workshop 4 (Governance) - 20th September in Cardiff
  • Workshop 5 (Offer Documentation) - 25th October in Cardiff

Once you have completed the workshops, you will need to complete a case study assignment to become a "probationary" licensed practitioner, able to award the Standard Mark under supervision of the CSU.

Following this, you are then able to become a fully licensed practitioner, awarding the Standard Mark independently to participating societies. In order to become fully licensed you have to complete three share offer assessments, satisfactorily peer reviewed by the CSU.  

The course and assessment fee is £2,000 + VAT per person but we are offering a number of free places for freelancers and individuals from organisations with limited training resources - you can apply for the bursary on the application form. 


To apply to attend, please complete the application form which can be found here by Tuesday 1st May.  All candidates will be notified by Friday 5th May whether you have been successful or not.