Presentation slides from the CSU event: Making the most of community shares

16th Dec 2016

Community Shares Unit and Ethex teamed up to deliver an event in Manchester on 15 November 2016 called 'How to make the most of community shares'.

It focused on community shares and how this type of positive investment is being used by community groups and community businesses to create what they want to see in their communities. It was also a great opportunity to network and to learn about the latest trends and market data.

We would like to share the presentation slides from the day:

Community shares market update (November 2016) -  Community Shares Unit
All about the Community Shares Standard Mark -  Community Shares Unit
What is positive investing - 2016 survey results - Ethex
Using the Ethex crowdfunding platform - Ethex
Using the Crowdfunder crowdfunding platform - Crowdfunder