Share offer metrics

To understand how much you are likely to raise in investment, and whether you have set yourselves realistic targets for your share offer, it is worth analysing the metrics for the target community. For example, look at your community and ask:

How many in the community?  ___

Of this number, what proportion might become a willing audience? ___%

Of this audience, what proportion might become your supporters? ___%

Of these supporters, what proportion might become members? ___%

Outcome : ___ members

This figure can be analysed against our slider tool, to see if you could achieve the figure you have stated you need to raise from the community (£___ fill in automatically from the answer to question CQ7b). Slide to the number of members, and also the minimum share subscription level to find the likely share total:

Number of members  ___

Number of shares (min) ___

Check your results and consider these questions:

Does this result tally with what you were anticipating?

Is this a realistic assessment of what you think your target community could raise?

Have you considered a maximum individual share subscription amount, to ensure there isn’t an imbalance among investors? In a smaller offer it may be prudent to override the statutory maximum investment figure of £100,000. (The CSU considers individual share subscriptions should be capped at around 10% of the total share capital sought)