A library of resources for anyone who would like to find out more about community shares. From introductory guides to market reports, find the info you need here.

19th July 2017

A comprehensive overview of the Community Shares Standard Mark - a new initative to identify share offer documents that comply with the guidance contained in the Community Shares Handbook. The pack is published by the CSU to inform the public as to how the Mark works, how to apply it for it as a society, and how to award it as a practitioner.

29th June 2015

This is the first time the CSU has brought together its data and intelligence to present a comprehensive overview of the community shares market. The aim of this report is to showcase the information the CSU captures on the market since it begain tracking activity in 2009. Using data from its Community Shares Directory, Offer Document Library and a recent survey of investors using its Microgenius community shares platform, the report sets out “how” enterprises are raising this finance, and “why” individuals themselves are investing.

13th August 2014

A short summary which explains the new Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, setting out how it will affect existing and new societies, and their plans for launching community share offers.

23rd April 2014

The CSU recently worked with Wessex Community Assets (WCA) to explore the prospects for Community Land Trusts (CLTs) to raise finance using community shares. Focusing on the Wessex Community Land Trust Project as a cluster of live CLT activity in South West England, the team at WCA, researched the perceptions and practicalities of community investment within the sector. This research paper sets out the findings and some future recommendations for how community shares could be applied for housing and land-use initiatives on a wider scale.

17th December 2013

A submission to the Financial Conduct Authority consultation on crowdfunding, drafted by the Community Shares Unit - operator of the Microgenius online platform.

6th September 2013

The final submission to the Treasury's consultation on Social Investment Tax Relief, jointly drafted by Co-operatives UK and Locality, the delivery partners of the Community Shares Unit.

1st July 2010

Aimed at business advisers and other professionals who provide support to community groups and organisations that are exploring the option of community investment, it provides guidance on two topics: the legal and governance formats for organisations offering community shares; and community shares offer documents, inviting the public to invest in community shares. Most of the informaiton has been updated within the current Community Shares Handbook

1st July 2011

Published in 2011, the Practitioners’ Guide to Community Shares was the culmination of an earlier action-research programme promoting equity investment in community enterprise. Based on the experiences of ten co-operatives and community enterprises across England, the guide explains how to raise risk capital for ventures serving a community purpose. This guide has largely been updated by the new Community Shares Handbook.