Co-operatives UK seeking to boost awareness of member capital in 2015

2nd Sep 2015

The CSU continues to profile how community shares are an ideal way for communities to invest in enterprises serving a community purpose.

However, we also recognise that capital invested by members is an effective but widely under-used strategy for co-operative businesses; where members invest in the business so that the co-op can use that capital, with those members receiving a return.

Our partner organisation Co-operatives UK has dedicated one of their key action areas for 2015 to growing the awareness of member capital. They will be developing a series of best practice case studies and practical guidance to support co‑operatives choosing to take this route to finance.

Co-operatives UK now inviting advocates wishing to steer this area of work to get in touch, so if you are interested visit

You can find more about the overall Co-operative Congress action plan 2015 here: