Practitioner Training and Licensing - programme open for applications

8th Oct 2015

The CSU is once again offering the opportunity for people interested in or experienced with supporting community share offers to become a Community Shares Licensed Practitioner and award the new Standard Mark to share offers.

If you have been significantly involved in one or more share offers, in line with any of the roles set out in the Practitioner Training Manual, you can apply through the 'Experienced Route' by completing the application form. Once you have applied, the CSU will contact your selected society for a reference and confirm that you can proceed straight to the assessment. Details of the assessment can be found in the Practitioner Training Manual. 

If you have limited experience of advising on community share offers but meet the requirements of the Practitioner Training Manual, the CSU offers a 'Training Route'. This involves participating in one webinar and four one-day workshops while working with a live client to ensure you are sufficiently prepared to undertake the assessment and case study. This training is free-of-charge and the dates for the sessions are below.

  • 4th Nov 2015 (webinar)
  • 2nd Dec 2015 (workshop - at Triodos, Deanery Road, Avon, Bristol BS1 5AS)
  • 6th Jan 2016 (workshop - at Impact Hub, Walker Building, 58 Oxford St, Birmingham B5 5NY)
  • 3rd Feb 2016 (workshop - venue TBC, London)
  • 16th Mar 2016 (workshop - at Co-operatives UK, Holyoake House, Hanover St, Manchester M4 4AH)

To apply for the next Training Route programme, please complete the application form and email to [email protected] by Friday 16th October.